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Birthdate:Sep 26
Chibi is a lot like his mother, benevolent, headstrong, kindhearted and friendly. Since he's young he's also more openly affectionate and often needs guidance from others. He rarely backs down in the face of evil and hates to abandon those in trouble, or sacrifice them for a freater good, easily willing to put himself on the line to protect them...but this also translates to him being willing to take damage from a friend if he thinks he can save them without fighting.

He follows the "Leap before you think" motto to an extent that could be considered absurd, leaping at just about any enemy or in pursuit of them with no hesitation or running into a fight. However, he can be intimidated by some people on occasion and is often easily exasperated.

He loves music and fireworks, and is generally unimpressed by the names people come up with for him.

Chibi is the son of the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. As such he is able to wield the Celestial Brush and master techniques granted to him by the Brush Gods. Since he is so young, these powers aren't as strong as Amaterasu's and he can't wield the brush for long. If he takes too long in finishing a technique then he has to start fresh.

Sunrise: Power to make the sun shine. Rarely used because the primary point is to bring back the sun when the world has been cast unnaturally into darkness.

Rejuvenation: Power to restore broken or missing pieces of objects. Must either know what the object looked like originally, or be able to fill in the missing area.

Guidance: The ability to guide those who are willing to trust him to do so.

Power Slash: The power to cut through most things, from rocks to monsters. Can be combined with a partner's sword.

Bloom: The power to restore life to withered plants or make new ones bloom.

Cherry Bomb: Power to create cherry bombs. Max is two at a time.

Waterspout: Power to move water. Also can make it rain hard temporarily in his immediate area with Deluge. Max time limit is about 15 seconds and seriously drains his ink.

Vine: Ability to cause vines to connect between himself and an object/partner or between two hooks.

Inferno: Control of already existing fire. Fireburst can summons powerful flames temporarily...the bigger the flame for Fireburst, the more ink is used as a result.

Magnetism: Power to control the pull of magnets.

Galestorm: Power to make the wind blow. Whirlwind summons up to three small tornadoes to surround his body and damage enemies. Lasts about 15 seconds and max time/power heavily drains his ink.

Thunderstorm: Power to direct a current of electricity from a source to a target. Thunderbolt drops a damaging bolt of electricity from nowhere, electrifying the ground and air around it. Lasts about 15 seconds and bigger thunderbolts drains his ink supply heavily.

He can also wield the three types of divine instruments(reflectors, glaives, and rosaries), but only while he has his god powers. If that runs out then then he can't use them until his powers return. He can borrow the abilities of others who are currently physically connected to him, like being able to see Spirit Floors and such when Kagu is on his back.

Only people who have faith in the gods, are gods, or are of a similar status can see his god markings. Anyone else simply sees a fully white canine. This is true of everyone when his powers are drained as well.
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